Pedal Fergus Falls, a chapter of the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, is a bicycle and pedestrian education and advocacy group for Fergus Falls, Minnesota. We are dedicated to making biking and walking the safe, easy and fun choice in Fergus Falls. We are a resource to individuals, organizations and businesses who want to incorporate biking and walking into their daily lives.

Give to the Max on November 15!
We are happy to announce that Pedal Fergus Falls will be taking part in Give to the Max day on November 15! We have a goal of $2000; will you help us continue our work to make Fergus Falls one of the best places to walk and bike in Minnesota?

Glacial Edge Trail Demonstration Project Survey

Did you get a chance to ride the temporary protected bike lane this fall? If so, the city is interested in hearing your thoughts on this lane. Visit their short 10-question survey to give your feedback!

Cascade Street Bike Lanes

The lanes have been painted and run from Channing Avenue to Summit Avenue. We have put together some tips for bicyclists and motorists on how to use the lanes safely and efficiently.

Ferber Park MTB Trails

Ferber Park Mountain Bike Trails

A dedicated group of volunteers has been making great progress on nearly 2 miles of off-road mountain bike trails in Ferber Park. Where's that, you ask? Visit our park information page for all the details.


We've developed several resources to help the Fergus Falls cycling community:

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Agendas and minutes

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Monthly meeting topics calendar
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commttee minutes - The BPAC is a standing city committee that provides guidance regarding city-related activity around bicycle and pedestrian issues.

Calendar of events

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