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Cascade Street Improvements

This summer is going to be a busy one for Cascade Street. Almost the entire street from Highway 210 to Summit Avenue will be experiencing some sort of work in the form of resurfacing or complete reconstruction. We at Pedal Fergus Falls think that this is an excellent opportunity to begin the process of turning words into action and living up to our "Bicycle Friendly Community" title.

Cascade is one of the streets identified in our master vision map of likely bicycle routes, and a fresh new surface is an ideal time to add lane markings to make Cascade more bicycle friendly.

Proposed improvements

Our complete proposal to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (approved May 3) and the City Council (Discussed May 16; next meeting on June 3) is available to view online. Below is a summary of the suggested changes (please note that all proposals comply with state statute 8820.9941, Minimum design standards: On-road bicycle facility for urban; new or reconstruction projects as well as numerous other professional traffic engineering recommendations):

  1. Highway 210 to Channing Avenue - 11' travel lanes, 5' bike lanes offset with a 2' painted buffer. No parking on east side of street from 210 to north end of cemetery, then no parking zone switches sides to allow parking on the east with no parking on the west.
    Streetmix diagram
    Cascade Street, Highway 210 to near Cascade Apartments (looking north); overhead view

    Streetmix diagram
    Cascade Street, near Cascade Apartments to Channing Avenue (looking north); overhead view

  2. Channing Avenue to Vernon Avenue - 11' travel lanes, 5' bike lanes, no buffer. Parking is allowed on the east side of the street. No parking on west side, which is no change from the current configuration.
    Streetmix diagram
    Cascade Street, Channing to Vernon Avenue (looking north); overhead view

  3. Vernon Avenue to first railroad crossing - 11' travel lanes, 5' bike lanes offset with a 2' painted buffer, no parking on east side of street. Parking will be allowed on the west, adjacent to NP Park.
    Streetmix diagram
    Cascade Street, Vernon Avenue to first railroad crossing (looking north); overhead view

  4. First railroad crossing to Summit Avenue - 11' travel lanes, 5' bike lanes, parking on both sides of the street.
    Streetmix diagram
    Cascade Street, first railroad crossing to Summit (looking north); overhead view
View all of the overhead diagrams in a single PDF.

Lane examples

Below are a few renderings of what the bike lanes will look like on Cascade.

Cascade at Channing

Cascade at Vernon

Cascade at Summit